The weather in Southeast Georgia is characterized by hot, humid summers and relatively cold winters. Furnaces and air conditioners work hard during severe weather, which places the equipment under significant stress. No matter how old your HVAC system may be, regular maintenance will help improve indoor comfort, lower utility costs and extend your equipment’s lifecycle.

Heating and AC Maintenance Plan Features

Servicing your HVAC system regularly is essential to ensure your equipment continues to run properly in all weather conditions. Pro Air Heating & Cooling has two maintenance plans to choose from; both will provide peace of mind that your system has been inspected so any minor issues are caught early and don’t turn into major problems.

Pro Inspection Maintenance Plan

Our Pro Inspection Plan includes one visit each year. We’ll check your system’s overall health from top to bottom and make sure the drain system is clear.

Pro Clean Plan

The Pro Clean Plan includes two visits each year. We’ll clean the indoor and outdoor coils, make sure the drain line is clean, check the refrigerant levels and electrical connections, plus inspect all other areas of the entire system to ensure it is running at its most efficient level.

Regardless of the brand of equipment you have, our heating and cooling maintenance plans will let you sleep easy when the summer temperature begins to climb.

Comprehensive AC and Furnace Maintenance Services

An air conditioning and furnace tune-up is the best investment you can make in comfort, efficiency and lower repair costs. In fact, every major manufacturer includes a requirement for regular maintenance as a provision of their warranty coverage. When you purchase a maintenance plan from Pro Air Heating & Cooling, you receive a variety of critical HVAC services, that will ensure your warranty continues in effect.

The Best in HVAC Maintenance Service

You have a substantial investment in your cooling and heating system, so it makes sense to give it some TLC. For those living in Rincon, Bluffton, Richmond Hill, GA, Bluffton, SC and the surrounding communities, Pro Air Heating & Cooling invites you to talk to one of our comfort specialists to learn more about the many benefits included with our maintenance plans.