Summer weather in Pooler, GA, is humid and hot, and a reliable central air conditioning system is a necessity to keep your home cool and comfortable. At Pro Air Heating & Cooling, we offer the best brands and models of air conditioners in the HVAC industry. If you need air conditioner repair, installation or maintenance services, we are the only contractor you need to call.

Complete Air Conditioning Repair Services

When you’re evaluating HVAC contractor choices, always look for a provider who offers a complete array of services for every season and situation. Our air conditioner repair and maintenance programs are designed to cover the entire lifetime of your equipment. Our NATE certified technicians can solve any AC problem relating to motors, blowers, coils, electronics, refrigerant and compressors. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year warranty on repairs.

It’s always an unpleasant surprise when you learn that your air conditioner has suffered a breakdown, especially during the heat of summer. However, the situation can quickly become a lot worse if your AC contractor is too busy to fix your unit or won’t return your phone calls. We have a full staff of certified and trained technicians who can accurately diagnose and repair your AC unit even when the outside temperature is soaring. No matter what brand of air conditioner you have, we can fix it. When you suffer an emergency breakdown, you can contact an on-call service tech 24/7. To help reduce the chance of an unexpected malfunction, consider one of our flexible air conditioning maintenance plans.

The Crucial Role of System Design

In our area, there are many homes that always seem to be uncomfortable in the summer. Perhaps the air conditioner cycles too quickly, and you immediately feel uncomfortable right after the unit turns off. Sometimes the air conditioner runs all day, but the house never really cools down. Most of these issues are the result of poor system design. At Pro Air Heating & Cooling, we use specialized software to calculate your home’s total heating and cooling requirements. Every air conditioning system we install is sized to account for the impact of doors, windows, insulation, perimeter tightness and a variety of other factors on the total cooling load.

The Air Conditioning Installation Process

The air conditioning installation process is critical to ensure your new system delivers the proper volume of conditioned air into every room in your home. The ductwork is especially important since it serves as the distribution network for your equipment. If there are any loose connections, breaches or sagging duct runs, it can negatively affect performance and efficiency.

We know installation projects can be disruptive, so our installers are mindful to keep the work area clean and free of clutter. We maintain a strict schedule, and every air conditioner we install is performance tested and air balanced to ensure you are completely satisfied.

Your Local Air Conditioning Experts

If you live in Rincon, Pooler, Guyton, Richmond Hill, Pembroke, Statesboro, Springfield, Bloomington, GA or Bluffton, SC, or any of the surrounding communities, call one of our courteous representatives to learn more about our comprehensive air conditioner maintenance, repair and installation services for residential customers.