Mar 24 2017

Spring is a busy time for homeowners. You want your Rincon, GA, property summer-ready so you can enjoy the balmy weather to come, but don’t forget your air conditioner. Between now and October, it will get one heck of a workout, and once the serious heat and humidity kick in, it will be pumping out cool air 24/7. Don’t forget yourself, either. If you have allergies, you already know that Georgia pollen is merciless, so be sure to stock up on tissues. Here two things you can do to prep your AC for its busy season and protect your home from allergens at the same time.

Call Now for An Air Conditioner Tuneup

Beat the rush by scheduling annual AC maintenance early. If there’s anything wrong with your system, you’ll want some time to complete AC repairs before your local HVAC contractor is fully booked with other clients. Your technician will clean and inspect the unit for worn parts, condensate line blockages, loose electrical connections and other minor maintenance issues that could crash your cooling system if ignored. HVAC maintenance also protects you from the infamous Savannah pollen by improving indoor air quality, and air filters with MERV ratings between eight and 11 will trap allergens that cheap filters cannot.

Take a Closer Look at Air Purifiers

If your Rincon home is tightly sealed to guard against energy losses, the inside of your house may harbor more allergens than the yard. That’s due to insufficient ventilation, but you can take action against indoor contaminants. The Carrier Infinity® Air Purifier is an award-winning system that works with your HVAC using patented “Capture and Kill” technology to trap and zap 95 percent of airborne contaminants: Goodbye allergies and happy spring.

Also, consider whether you could get more for your HVAC dollar with a maintenance plan. To learn more about how a service agreement benefits your heating and cooling equipment, visit Pro Air Heating & Cooling or call 912-826-0225.

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